G.S.O. Warehouse provides ORG. trained Global U.S. processors, Senior Professional Associates and U .S. Global marketers to handle trade requests for commodities.  We advise International traders to click the "Doing Business with ORG" button and read the outlined
information before placing any trade requests.
G.S.O. Warehouse Welcomes International Trade Partners (I.T.P.) & (I.S.V.) International Source Vendors

Attention Traders of Global Commodities
Add the G.S.O. Warehouse to your international trade strategy. Examine quality standards for growing, packaging and storing co-operative staple foods grown organically from
West Africa, East Africa and South Asia.

See firsthand how ORG. development projects can make a difference to your bottom line.
  Sellers & Buyers, we guarantee a new and exciting experience processing your trade requests with the G.S.O. Warehouse